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Operation Code-Name: Black-Tipped Torpedoes

On the 6th we charged off in search for another adventure, however, this one’s kick-off was unusual. After spending an hour en-route to Ras Al Khaimah, Toufic suggested fueling on adrenaline at the local movies. The movie was an exaggerated shout of wasted Hollywood blood and beheaded warriors. Frustrated from the movie, Leanne managed to ravish us with home-made veggie delights: edamame and hommos.


Once we crossed the border, we drove for another hour through the majestic lands of Khasab, Oman. We set up camp by the docks and were lucky enough to be entertained by the local fox orchestra. After a standing ovation to the talented performers, we broke camp on the smell of home-made figs jam.


At 9, we did a rendezvous with the brave mercenaries and set sail towards a secluded beach. Once the Gonzo flag was erected on the shore, each troupe went scouting for a strategic place to raise a fort. Mine perched on a low cliff that divides two sandy shores and dominated the horizon as if –for an instance- you can reach and manipulate the elements with your fingertips.

ImageImage*Sunrise as seen from my tent

After a small march, the elite task force rigged several ropes on the higher cliffs to insert adrenaline pumped climbers on the beach underneath, which faces our campsite.

Image*Will and Toufic rigging

Naval support was led by a mysterious navy seal; the first task was to swim across to the campsite and lead the naval destroyers, aka kayaks. In the open waters, the brave seal was circled by three enemy submarines, a veteran unit by the name “Black Tipped Reef Sharks”.

Image*Reef sharks

Skilfully maneuvering away, the warrior managed to disengage and find his way to the destroyers.


Once the beach was conquered, the personnel retreated to their forts to celebrate the victorious day. However, the navy seal was short on supplies and low on energy. One last task for an adventure packed day: go back to the port to re-supply. This was unachievable without breaking a deal with a sea pirate. Such, he hitchhiked back to the port with Abdulla a Moroccan pirate, re-supplied in an undisclosed establishment by the code-name: Lulu Hypermarket, then sailed back to the battlefield under the cover of darkness.

As the first sun rays broke against one of the destroyers, the triumphant sailor was fishing when one of the submarines was spotted: all men to their positions, firearms engaged.


The orange destroyer was closing on the floating submarine, but just before the target was acquired on the engagement systems, the black fins submerged in the water and vanished from the radar.

Image*You can spot two sharks a few meters in front of my kayak

Later on, routine maneuvers took place on the conquered beach for half a day up until the extraction unit showed up at 17:00. The personnel broke camp, swept the beaches and exfiltrated.

Mission Accomplished.

Image*Toufic auditioning for the next Spiderman movie

IMG_0469 (Large)*Leanne on belay

Image*The famous Kinder-Crepe

Image*Sunrise fishing.. invisible rod.

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