About me, myself and I

adjective N. AMER. informal
  1. relating to or denoting journalism of an exaggerated, subjective, and fictionalized style.
  2. bizarre or crazy.


I am an enthusiastic adventurist, born and raised in the cold mountains of Lebanon.


Growing up as an underdog motivated me to take a journey of self exploration. I started shaping my outdoor skills ever since I can remember.


I was practically raised by my grandpa who taught me about life in the open and how to tackle various obstacles.


Along that I used to go on hunting trips with my father and brothers, thus picking up more skills as I grew.


Later I joined the scouts and learnt a wide range of knots, survival skills, tracking knowledge and started to work in a team based environment.


At the age of 15 I started training Shotokan Karate, this journey continues to shape my discipline, mental and physical endurance.

karate 2karate 3

At the age of 17 I started training Jujitsu, expanding my knowledge in martial arts.


At the age of 18, I got the chance to move to Dubai to start a new educational journey as an architecture student, and so far it has been a rewarding experience on every aspect. This major improves your mental strength and tests your ability to withstand pressure and overcome obstacles while maintaining your morale.


Since I moved to Dubai I have been engaged in various outdoor activities, and became a member of a caving team (Middle East Caving Expeditionary Team).

caving climbing 4

Overall, I would describe myself as friendly, optimistic, and straight forward. I like to take new adventures and learn new skills.

Finally, I consider myself lucky to possess many hobbies, skills and talents such as:

408043_10151233324085301_1713647092_nExquisite dancer…

dancing.. probably not.

430928_10151233337730301_251849717_nCruising around in 4x4s…

WP_001734… bikes …

Rollers… roller blades …

7725_1234060485639_1697869_n… or just acting cool in 10 mph carts.

DSC_1756Saving lives… 

945450_10153432085190301_588959338_n… since 1994.

WP_001742Working at close hand with super top models…

animals.. and fulfilling their needs.

snowChilling… Literally…

Monkey 2On edges.

touficFighting for survival…

paintball 3…Or fighting crime.

PlayingRe-living childhood whenever possible…

Playing 3…okay maybe most of the time…

sleeping…when I am not sleeping in cars.

photographyTaking pictures…

sleeping2… when.. oh man… ZzZzZz

I’m also lucky to have made lifetime friends:

996661_10153432086305301_344887548_nIn the memory of Rockey!

animals2Doe: my smiling camel best friend.


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  1. best.introduction.ever


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